More than a feeling


Since my last post, that little social interaction group I had, has become a bit more tight. In this spirit of next level of acquaintanceship, we had an evening together. It was invigorating and more than a feeling. Good food, good company complimented by pleasant climate and an endless stream of human population in the crowded streets of Old Delhi. It was a good experience given the fact that I usually shun such bondings and interactive activities.

Father was a bit unwell and was under medical supervision. He was given a green signal today to carry on with life as he usually does whilst taking certain precautionary measures. It took sometime to get things done and get him back home. I wrote this because I wanted to give a reason for my late arrival to the venue for the evening. But anyway, I was present at the scene and thus started the evening of passing smiles and random sentences. Since all the participants are food lovers and Old Delhi is known for it’s delectable street food, we, being sincerely foodie and sidelining health concerns, went on a street food spree.


In lieu of Indian Republic Day on 26th of January, Delhi Tourism has organised a food festival at the magnificent Red Fort. Various people from various states of India had on display and sale, various food items. Various states showcased their traditional art forms and specialities of their states in forms of tableaux and stage performances. It was a good atmosphere and I really enjoyed the positiveness of the moment. Lady D and Soni looking pretty as ever were making me skip a heart beat with every other smile that lingered on their lips. The Guy was, as always, in total tune with my frequencies and we had a laugh about many a thing. We have such social interactions at work too but the punch was the ambiance of the location.

groupie - 1

Chandni Chowk is especially known for this street called “Parathe Waali Gali” which roughly translates to “Baker Street”. Well, wtf to that. The crux of the evening was this restaurant which has a legacy almost 200 years old. The walk from Red Fort to this restaurant was long and in the overly crowded streets of Chandni Chowk, navigating your way through is an exhausting activity. The company was such and the euphoria of being with amicable humans, the walk didn’t put much strain on any muscle as such. Good, I usually avoid putting any strain on any muscle during weekends. All were chittering and the good thing about it was, none of it seemed exasperating. Given the fact that Lady D has naught capacity for bullshit, it was fun to say random stuff to her and listen to an equally random hooting from the ladies as a consequence.


And coming to the heart of the street food spree, the parathas were decadent and savoury. The restaurant was established in 1875 and has been, since then, serving various kinds of parathas in an overly small shack located inside a more overly crowded street. It’s a shack yes… don’t let that fool you. The food there is worth all the money that you’ll shell out after stuffing yourself till you choke. We, being sincerely foodie and sidelining health concerns, satiated our craving for such delicacies. The Guy suggested the “banana paratha”. Its’ roughly equivalent to a croissant stuffed, generously, with pieces of bananas and cashew and cream. It was something I have never eaten and it was delicious as fuck amongst other things. The buttermilk or, in native tongue, Lassi was as authentic as a Lassi in this part of Delhi can get. They still use the same ingredients and methods going back almost 200 years.


A traditional Indian meal ends with a dessert and we, being sincerely foodie and sidelining health concerns, honoured this tradition. Falooda is a speciality of this area of Delhi and this place is the to-go point. Oh damn the sweetness. I have never kissed a female human but I think this falooda would be sweeter than that. The walk to that place was lengthy too but again, with the company, it was jovial and jocund. The falooda called to an end, this awesome evening, that is forever laid down here with these words.

Wishing that this level of acquaintanceship only grows upwards, I sign off with a special tip of my hat to the humans of this little social interaction group. Let’s keep this spirit of new level of acquaintanceship alive and kindle it to a newer and better level.