Since being boisterous is a direct consequence of hollow knowledge, I’ll write about some cool tech I recently had a chance to look into. To keep things simple and clutter free, I have links to pre-requisite information and for reference and further reading. While working on nothing in the current project, I looked into how a dual clutch transmission works and how data is transmitted in between various subsystems in an automobile.

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Having a keen interest in transmission systems or colloquially, gearbox, it was intriguing to understand how a dual clutch transmission (DCT) sends an upshift recommendation to the instrument cluster. From wikipedia: “A transmission is a machine in a power transmission system, which provides controlled application of the power.”. In a car (or vehicle), the internal combustion engine is the power unit and it provides, through the transmission system, power to the drive wheels. The transmission unit, for example, is designed to deliver more torque in lower gears and higher power in higher gears (gear ratios). From manual transmissions that have dominated road cars till now to the new DCTs, transmission systems have become more complex and more efficient.

You can read about various transmissions in the wiki link above, we will be concentrating on DCTs. As the name suggests, the transmission consists of two clutches cleverly mounted over each other. Quintessentially, it is two manual transmissions fused into one. The advantage lies in the fact that each sub unit has alternating set of gear trains and each sub unit has its own clutch (“Dual” clutch).  Refer to the diagram below. This setup, along with the required electronics, gives the driver an option of fully automatic mode where the gearbox ECU handles everything and also a manual mode where the driver is required to shift gears.


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In my studies, I looked into how, in manual mode, the driver is notified of an upshift at the best possible moment. Looking a bit deeper into DCT, each clutch hosts a transmission shaft. The transmission shafts are concentric and each transmission shaft is connected to a separate gear train system. The gear train is arranged in a constant mesh with “odd” gears (1, 3, 5 ,7) on the inner shaft and “Even” gears (2, 4, 6 and reverse) on the outer shaft. The gear train transmits power from the engine, via the engaged gear, to the differential that drives the drive wheels.

The gears are engaged by shifting the gear selector. The selected gear is free to spin on the drive shaft. The gear selector is fixed with the drive shaft and hence will turn the drive shaft. When the selector is locked with the gear, it will spin at the same speed and hence driving the drive shaft. The gearbox ECU is intelligent enough to pre-select the next required gear. The setup is such that the next required gear will always lie on the other transmission shaft (DCT is a sequential transmission). Hence it only requires disengaging the current clutch and engaging the other. In the automatic mode, this whole operation is controlled by the gearbox ECU and manual mode, the actual changing of gears is left to the driver.

transmission-dual-clutch (1)

Arrows indicate power transmission.

In automotive electronics, communication between various subsystems is done predominantly using the CAN protocol. Each ECU processes a CAN packet whenever it receives or transmits data. What message a CAN packet will carry and the priority of each message is decided by the designer. Since it is a bus protocol and there are n-number of ECUs interacting with the bus simultaneously, CAN protocol has to decide which data packet will be transmitted on the bus. The protocol ensures that the data with the highest priority wins the bus.

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The gearbox ECU assimilates the current driving conditions and predicts the best possible moment to upshift a gear. This message is transmitted from the gearbox ECU to the instrument cluster and the driver is notified visually or audibly about the same. In some applications, flooring the pedal (hard acceleration) sets the “kickdown” mode. The gearbox ECU downshifts to lower gears giving more acceleration and then upshifts again accordingly. DCT allows for lightening fast gear shifts and also hassle free driving while cruising in the automatic mode.

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