Paean for a dream


Alright, since my last blog post, that social interaction group has become a friend circle. That’s what happens when you go out for a social gathering over a social lubricant in a social setup. The floodgates open and you start talking with your fellow attendees. Although I spilled half a glass of a golden liquid on one of the attendees, I still had a very good time with this social thing I have going on.

We have added a new human to this social circle but The Guy was missing. This new character, along with another, threw a party to commemorate their births. As per my understanding of a social regime, it is canonical to raise a toast, with some liquor, in such cases. After all, we are celebrating the best gift that we can get… the gift of life.

BDayGuys - 1

Usually, when I feel like having  a taste of that bubbling golden liquid, I go out alone to some exclusive bar and get high with myself. That’s the case when I’m very happy and achieved something very great. That golden yellow poison takes me to another level of happiness and I share it with none other than my solitude. This time, sharing it with four other humans, it was exuberant. Awesome location, awesome people and awesome weather were what complimented this time I had with these people.


The evening started with us reaching this cafe in one of the best spots in Delhi. I was already in a good state of mind with my own poison and wanted not to indulge in this social mutual poisoning. But since the canon calls for everyone’s indulgence, I couldn’t say no to my favourite yellow bubbling liquid. Oh how the three ladies looked! Oh how happy The New Human seemed! And all was complimented by that warmth everyone seemed to be radiating!


Out of all the situations I have observed, the social lubricant helps to make a bond between people. Lady D was being facetious (and tipsy) and didn’t mind when we laughed at her naiveness of the moment. Soni and Sweet P were laughing and their auras were a beautiful adjuvant to the awesomeness of the evening. The New Human was a bit too loud to my taste but I like people who hide not their state after being held up by some hard and strong intoxicant. I was, as usual, in the same state of mind I’m always in, albeit a bit more interactive and colloquial.


It would seem incomplete if I say naught about our food fetishes. The food was… satisfactory. I mean, you cannot expect more out of a generic bar other than chicken and cottage cheese. It was savoury no doubts and Lady D’s tinkling laughter made it all the more an occasion to enjoy the hot and spiced platters. Sweet P was in some other state of mind enjoying her trip and The New Human was chugging on his liquor with much fervour and enthusiasm so as to get sincerely intoxicated.

We have come together in this moment in time from different walks in life. Never did we realise that we would be sitting together in a company like such and have some laugh about things. It was an evening worth remembering and since there are only words I have to take your heart away, I quote this:

“Who am I, you ask?

I’m made from all the people I have encountered and all the situations I have experienced.

Inside, I hold the laughter and warmth of my friends.

Inside, there is a cracked heart and bitter words from heated arguments.

Inside, there are emotions I canst not convey and music that gets me through.

I’m made from all these moments I have had and all these people I have been with. That is who I’m.” ~ Ming D. Liu.

I raise my glass to each member of this social group and hope that they are as awesome as they were today for some time to come. I seldom say such things to people but I kind of like being around this set of human entities.

A great night I wish upon you all.



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