Life: Echoes of Mirage


Stuck somewhere,
somewhere in the tide of time.

A time with which remains the ambition sometimes,
sometimes, most times,
times that slip, slip like sand, times that fly, fly like fog.
A fog that you chase, a chase that never ends,
ends that are desired every time.

End with a winning, ends of achievement,
achievement that costs, a cost that’s undefined.
Undefined questions and answers undefined,
answers sought for throughout life.

A life that is pacey, a brutal life,
a life that is cruel, a beautiful life.
A beauty it is, this journey of life,
life of a journey, journeys of life.

A journey that seeks some hand,
a hand that suits your kind of band.
A band with whom you tie some bonds,
bonds which tie you to the band.

Chaos, dilemma and confusion,
interment are some truths of life.
A life full of illusions,
illusions of a hidden truth.

Truth about acceptance,
realization, existence…
the truth of life.

LIFE… with some lies of life,
take whatever you can take from life
life’s turn of taking can make any night, the last night

written by: A friend.


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