An idiot’s gudie to socialism


Hello everyone :). Well, since my last post, I have got 10 more follows. Behold the fields in which I grow my fucks, lay thine eyes upon it and thou shalt see it is barren (I like you guys even if I haven’t met you, you are awesome… thats my way of saying thank you πŸ™‚ ). Anyways, today we will learn how to socialize and analyze an Allwinner A23 tablet.

That girl I really like… she says I should go out and socialize. I thought I should give it a try. So this Sunday, I FORTUITOUSLY, get out of my room and see a random guy coming downstairs from the room above. He has a cycle… lets try him.

Me: “Hey… hi. You live upstairs. Did you just move in?”

Him: “yea… you live downstairs?”

Me: *thinking to myself* obviously you moron. “Cool… do you mind if I hangout with you guys? I’m kinda new here and don’t have much friends and all…”

Him: *thinking to himself* what kind of a moron is he? “Oh yea! that’d be cool!”

So… I socialized! We hung out for a while, had a fag or two and then dinner. He is quite cool. He is a mechanical engineer and I have no idea how I know that he has been into 2 relationships.

So this new tablet I got at work. It runs on an Allwinner A23 SoC and Allwinner boasts that it is the most efficient SoC ever built for a tablet device. And their claim ain’t faulty. In the “quick boot mode”, it takes less than 3 seconds for the tablet to boot. The “high speed mode” is blissfully fast but the problem is, the tablet is not recognized by ADB.

Luckily, the vendor managed to, somehow, install Debian LXDE into the NAND partition and we can select to boot Debian in the “Backup and reset” option under Android settings. Thats 1337! I wish I could do that but since I cannot right now, we will try and see what all drivers and libs Debian loads. We will then hack the drivers (next post probably) and have a powerful fully dual booting tablet at our disposal.

Booting the tablet into Debian, the first hurdle: touchscreen doesn’t work. The USB OTG works and I’m able to interface a mouse and a keyboard. So I have a complete desktop system with a 7″ screen, MALI-400 GPU and a 1.8 GHz dual core SoC.

Me: “So what you do?”

Him: “I’m a mechanical engineer. I work in aviations.”

Me: *thinking to myself* another fucking engineer. “Cool… I’m a R&D Engineer. How long have you been in Mumbai?”

Him: *thinking to himself* another fucking engineer. “Two and a half months approx.”

… *Some more random talk.*

Lesson/analysis 1: You just talk random shit to people. If someone is very chirpy and enthusiastic to present their perspective of things, clearly the person has had a social life and knows how to put their point across.

Lesson/analysis 2: Talking random shit is not hard. Well, its not easy either. There is this destitute homeless woman who walks the street just outside our quarters. The way she is living is not logical. I don’t really need to prove how its not logical but the guy had to prove why it is logical.

Me: “Why would someone live like that?! Its not logical!”

Him: “Whats not logical in it?”

Me: “She doesn’t have any plans. She doesn’t know what she will wake up to tomorrow. If you live linearly, you’ll always know whats gonna happen tomorrow!”

Him: *thinking to himself* This guy is so full of himself… dumb fuck. “but thats the point! she doesn’t know whats gonna happen tomorrow and therefore she is happy! She lives in the moment and doesn’t have any sense of right or wrong.”

Me: *thinking to myself* what kind of a dumb fuck would think this way? “Is that so? You can do that?”

Him: “yea obviously!” *you dumb fuck*.

What I meant to say was, if you have 2 hands, 2 legs, a brain and all of them working properly, you are not allowed to be… beggarly. If you have nothing to wake up to every morning, if you have nothing to drive you everyday, whats the point of living?

So opening up the terminal and firing a few of my default favorites:

root@debian:/# lsmod
Module            Size            Used by
sunxi_keyboard    2753              0
mali            159916              0
lcd               6964              0
disp           1046693              3 mali, lcd
nand            245773              2

Cool, Debian uses the “sunxi_keyboard” driver for OTG support. It doesn’t load a touchscreen driver. Although it ships with 2 pre-compiled modules (FT5x and GSLX680), the drivers are not loaded on boot (even after mod’ing /etc/modules). Conclusion, the touchscreen is NOT a Focal Tech or GSLX. Next wi-fi.

bash: lshw: command not found
bash: lspci: command not found

Fuck! But reading /var/log/messages, Linux does configure RTL8723BS wi-fi driver. `lsmod’ does not show it though. So lets mod /etc/modules… bingo! The driver loaded! But I need wi-fi tools (iwconfig and family). Since I cannot chroot into the tablet I’m at losfer words!

Lets see what else… reading /var/log/messages more closely, this is Debian Linaro 14.x or something (Linux Debian kernel 3.4.39). I even got the u-boot.

Me: “well yeah, you are not immature but there is some adolescence in you.”

Him: “I’m adolescent?! Tell me more!” *dude, you are the first shit who said that.*

Well… the guy rides to work on his cycle. I’m thinking of doing the same… its the best option. No fuel and traveling expenditure. But if the first thing that came to your mind was “I’m saving the environment by using a bicycle!” you are NOT immature, you are adolescent! Immaturity would have been like when one does not know how to listen to others.

Lesson/analysis 3: act normal. The person you are talking is another human being. Just like you are. They go to work, they have ideologies and principles that are NOT in sync with yours, they have had their share of troubles and you are not the only fuck in the world who has suffered!

Lesson/analysis 4: after reading this… don’t try and make an opinion of anyone. Its an exercise in vain. Your perception of a person maybe totally wrong or maybe so correct that it may hurt you and/or the person. Or even the person may not be at all what you analyzed. That would suck cuz then you’d have to question your ability of analysis!

I have written 1051 words. Fuck… that too on how to socialize. Geez…

May the force be with you,



4 thoughts on “An idiot’s gudie to socialism

  1. Hi codeninja,
    Did you manage to compile a working linux kernel for your A23 tablet?
    I arrived to do this for my A20’s tablet, but on the A23’s there is no way…

    • I dun think that Allwinner has come up with an SD card image for A23 yet. They have a link on their wiki for A23 linux Sunxi kernel but it doesn’t seem to work. At least not on my ancient Intel dual core. Even the A20 kernel has bugs. I stopped tracking them after fixing OTG.

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