A text chat with my girl


ME: Good morning my precious! 😀 I hope you have a great day today… I love you loads!

sent: 08:30 AM.

HER: gm.

recvd: 10:30 AM.

ME: Hey gorgeous… ssup? 🙂

sent: 10:31 AM.

HER: nothin

recvd: 01:18 PM.

ME: So… I dreamed of you last night. You are so beautiful and I’m so lucky to have you… ❤ ❤ ❤

sent: 01:20 PM.

HER: hmm

recvd: 02:45 PM.

ME: Well never mind, I’m at work right now. I gotta make this jQuery script to geo-tag images… I wish I could have lunch with you, :-(. what are you up to my dearest?

sent: 02:50 PM.

HER: nothing

recvd: 04:38 PM.

ME: Wow… I just saw Angelina Jolie’s The Tourist… if I could just marry her!! 😀

sent: 04:42 PM.

HER: Go away then! I’m just wasting your time ain’t I?! you find everyone else more beautiful than me! I hate you!! You never care for me… you don’t even talk to me!! Go… I’m not gonna talk to you again! Find your Angelina Jolie and to hell with her!

Recvd: 04:43 PM.

ME: :-/

Sent: 04:44 PM.



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