The tale of two days (part 2)


15th of August, 2012.

Before I start elaborating the day, I’ll take a small trip down the memory lane and relive the last semester in college.

Remember, I do, the fifth of November, the day of meeting with a girl on an eve so somber. Who knew, that a random girl I met in a way that was equally random would become so important to me that she is now the center stage of all my thought processes.

Being a computer programmer, my acuity enabled me to judge a broken smile on her face. She was wronged and left with a broken heart but so strong was her character that she faked her smile effectively making things serene in her presence. A dint there was, in my logic and compelled I was to analyze her.

Analyze her, I did and realized that there was more to her than meets the eye. Her convoluted way of “data abstraction” appalled me and I gave up lest my mental faculties would be damaged. I started seeing her everyday and we had a great time. Cuddled her, fought over petty things we did, shared a few deep kept secrets and for the first time, I truly generated some feelings for someone. Jovial were the days and serene the eves were and on one such jovial day, I made her a jocund promise. A promise that said I’d be with her when she needs me. A promise that I presumed would be broken on the day when college concludes.

A few weeks passed in serenity when suddenly a fiend of a friend (her friend) butted in. He messed up everything I shared with her and I was actually hurt (not my logic this time, I generated feelings for the first time and they were hurt) by the way she acted. I figured out her one “drawback”, she cannot prioritize. Misunderstandings, grave ones, we did have and the bond I shared with her was on the verge of being severed. To top the already delicate situation, a set of mindless wights (this time, my “friends”) tried to shut me off. The myriad situation that I described in the post before, were already starting to take shape and her perennial absence was tolling my thinking capabilities. I tried getting her back with whatever logic that seemed right at that instance but drifting away, she seemed.

Nevertheless, the dark phase showed me only how important she is to me. The college ended but we did not. Craved every day I did, just to listen to her voice over the phone. A general salutation from her would make me jump and smiled I did with a childish joy. Passed, the summer did and she came over to my city but to my greatest sorrow, my myriad situation called me back to my college. Again separated from her, I wished every minute for past one month to be with her just once. I wished to see her face and cuddle her again and feel the feeling I get in her gracious presence.

The wish was fulfilled on my birthday on 15th of August. She, just out of the blue, asked me to come home and meet her on my birthday. She half meant it and was half expecting it but there was something in her voice that told me that she did want to see me. I realized that this was the time, I had to fulfill the jocund promise I made her on a jovial day. Travelled what seemed like 10000 miles I did, to spend a day just with her and even without an extravagant party and pompous gifts, a day worth remembering it was.

The moment I saw her and touched her face; filled inside me was that small empty space. An utter and deep relaxation covered me. Just like the sun seems, after a long cold night, her smile gave me that warmth and her gracious presence felt like a cool breeze enjoyed covered in a blanket watching the sun rising after that long cold night.

Nothing much we did save roaming around in malls and talking complete gibberish. But she cannot contemplate the feeling I was having when I held her hand or when she facetiously tapped me on my cheeks. Her voice was like anodyne to my soul that was half dead without her. Her touch gave me goose-bumps every time. Like a heroin addict craves for a dose of his poison, craved I did for her smile and satiated the craving was with her magnanimous smile.

On the trip that brought me back to my college, I realized that the one jocund promise made on that jovial day is the second most important thing in my life (she being the first). My presumption that the promise would no longer hold after college concludes was a fallacy. Hold, it shall, till I’m left with one last breathe. Never did I think that someone I met on an eve so somber would mean so much to me. To her, I give myself, in full submission and this 15th of August, this birthday, will be cherished forever and ever more.


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