The tale of two days (part 1)


Sunday, 13th August, 2012

Amidst the myriad situations that I’m facing right now, there is something inside me that compels me to forget my grave situation and imbibe that carefree attitude for which I’m quite famous. On this day, I, half-heartedly, compelled myself to go out with three of my best juniors (read: buddies for I treat them more like my buddies than juniors). Never did I think that my half-hearted decision will turn to full-hearted gregariousness. This post basically describes the characters of the concerned date and the day that forget we shall not, for years to come. On request, it is, by the second character. J

Before, I start elucidating the 13th of August, I’ll laconically describe my myriad situation. It goes like this: GRE == 305/340 (which is supposed to be awesome), TOEFL == 100/120 (which is supposed to be fucking awesome), 3 research papers (who in the world publishes papers in undergrad?!), a GPA of 6.0/10 and 3 backlogs that I’m yet to clear. The last point, 3 backlogs, is the myriad situation that is taking all the time in the world to resolve and is the reason for my irritation.

It started when the husky voiced and dusky colored “Auspicious Goddess of Money” asked me if we could go out on Sunday. Just so you know, I’ve a weakness for husky voices and dusky colors. We discussed a bit about it on facebook and I ended up calling her. Lo! The voice! Her voice seemed like melting in my ear like chocolate and there was a slight flutter in my gut. Her voice is perfectly modulated. Not too loud, neither too low but just enough to discolor all with tunnel vision. The husky voice and dusky color makes her quite an enigma. Smiles, she does, with her eyes angled in such a way that it seems like she is hiding some secret from you. You tend to do mistakes and she will look at you as if she is coldly scrutinizing your every move to make an opinion of you. This demeanour of hers hits my calculating mind with much ferocity and I really am awed by it.

Saying all this, I decided that it would be discourteous to deny her “request” and I acceded with her plan of catching-up on Sunday.

So nonetheless, she was quite excited about the Sunday and I asked her to tag along my personal dose of nightshade. Nightshade, well, her big black eyes twinkle like stars in the clear night sky of our college. You can see a certain unfathomable depth that will helplessly pull you into cheerful limbo. Her spectacular smile was something I wanted to see for a long time. The way her eyes lights up when she smiles almost gives the effect of nightshade. Her childish behavior and impish attitude makes her quite captivating. To and fro save hither are her eyes. A trip her eyes, through the brightest of nights, will take you. Like the effect of nightshade, she may seem like an anomaly at one instance and in another, when you suddenly come back to your senses, she seems like all the right things in the world.

So far so good, but then a guy calls me up. I cannot describe this guy as such because words are not enough to describe the bond I share with him. He has been my saviour in matters that are outside the screen of my laptop and I owe him, the experience I’ve gained by solving those matters. His logical way of thinking is something I can deeply relate with. His sharp intellect and equally blunt hubris makes him worth being around with. About anything, you can talk with him and the joyous way the conversations are held are always quite refreshing.

Nevertheless, he asked me if I was free on Sunday and in turn, I asked him to join me with the “Auspicious Goddess of Money” and my personal dose of nightshade. Thrilled he was and we four were going to have a “normal” day out with friends.

Start our day we did, at this inn with three bottles of that bubbling golden-yellow liquid. Amazing was the start as we got a bit high and started laughing. Opened up the floodgates, we did, that was restraining us from bonding with each other. Three bowls of juicy chicken and cottage cheese count one along with a quarter of another golden-yellow liquid (which was not bubbling but was stronger) was served to us. Our common poison seemed so ecstatic and my half-hearted happiness was giving way to magnanimity of the day.

We talked incessantly enjoying the good food and the poison and my nightshade got higher than her threshold. Slept like a baby, she did, cuddled in my arms, while we were aboard a three wheeler on our way to the “greatest” city of all, Guna. The “Auspicious Goddess of Money”, my guy and me, in our high state of mind, rambled about most random things we could cook up.

Awesome, even more, the return trip was. Rain poured down from heavens and again my nightshade was cuddled with me and we four were, quite comfortable with the warmth and the bonds we made with each other on the 13th of August. A break from the grim monotony of my myriad situation was unconsciously called for by me and refreshed me it did. Out of the abyss of foul creatures in college (as I see the population of my college in my mind) I got 3 more (along with 2 others) jewels, now etched in my memory never to be erased. 


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