Random things that go on in that 2.5kG muscle inside my skull


15:25hrs IST: Sitting in the computer lab doing my time for the damned project lab. Sigh, cannot even play music on my MP3 player to ameliorate myself. The guy on my left is watching football news on some website… the speed is so freakin’ slow that the website is not even getting refreshed properly! I have no idea how Chelsea and/or Real Madrid is doing :(. Just made my reverse engineering tool but left it half way through, the debugger part is still left. I know I’ll do it in due course of time but right now, after achieving this feat, I’m infected with “WHAT NEXT?!” syndrome.
I wish She comes back early, I kinda miss her… too much. Not normal for a geek like me but yeah, I do. Never mind, the sun is shinig really bright and its hot! Damn the sun man! Comes up every freakin’ day glows like an idiot and then goes down. WTF?!
Ok so I’m playing Megadeth’s Angry Again quite well now, I’ll do that in the instrumental performance at the college fest. I need to go to that sordid HoD to get (read: plead f or) my letter of recommendation. Buckethead’s Soothsayer is so emollient, I listened to it 4 times already today. I’ve been listening to it for like 6-7 times perennially.
Everything is going down right now. Academics, mood… life. Hey! I just figured out why that Perl code for the Baum-Welch algorithm was not working! I guess I was referencing the array of hash incorrectly. I was getting mad at the Perl interpreter for demuring me… sorry Mr. Larry Wall :). Life is awesome! 😀 BTW, Creed is the most eclectic band I’ve ever heard. On one hand, One Last Breath is so romantic and on the other, Bullets kills all the romance… no I’m not castigating them, its just sway a bit too much. But nonetheless, I like Creed.
Dad says he has informers in college who keep him informed about my every step. I know who they might be, they just don’t know who they are conspiring against. Let them play, I already am a connoisseur of violence… they will be contrite after I deal with them. Geez! In-spite of core i3 processors in the lab, the systems are so slow! Damn, I forgot to bring the Debian image I had to write on the DVD. Never mind, I’ll do it later. I’m bored of writing now.
Its 15:30hrs now. The whole train of thought just took 5 mins… damn :/


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