Height of being bored


Well right now, I’m sitting in my room. After like 6 hours I’ll be still sitting in my room. After a few days or weeks or months, I’ll be sitting in my room. Just sitting and staring at the comp screen writing device drivers. Just sitting in my room and playing my guitar for 5hrs at a stretch. Sometimes an occasional knock on the door accompanied by humans asking if I have a freaking A4 size sheet. No incoming texts or calls, just occasional chats on facebook with some friend(s) and a few unknown humans.

No classes to attend. At least they kept my mind busy. I think I’ll loose my voice by lack of usage. Just keep looking at the four walls of the single seater room the whole day. It gets so boring and monotonous that even third grade Bollywood movies are also entertaining. The boredom is so tiring that most of the time I’m drowsy. One of my friends actually said that I looked like I had a full tankard of rum when he saw me in the morning.

Everything is so monotonous. The only thing that actually keeps me sane are my coding sessions which span from 6-7hrs usually. If that is not there, I’d loose my composure. Apart from that, everyday is exactly the same. The only thing that is different is Merlin. A new season that I’m watching, though from season 2 it has become monotonous. But 6 episodes back to back are a good deal against boredom.

The word count is 250 already and I’m drowsy. Its 1900hrs and I’m going to sleep (yet again), let the dinner go to hell. Even the dinner is same everyday, just sit alone at the corner table and try to eat the goo they call pulses. I’ve a long night ahead and things to do at night. Sio-freakin’-nara.

May the force be with you



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