The rose and the “transformation”


“WOW, I’m impressed…” was the first sentence that came out of my precious celestial lips after watching Transformers 3: The dark side of the moon. Awesome special effects and storyline. For a while I was almost convinced that NASA is really hiding some secret they found on the moon and Russians really did bring something back from the dark side of the moon. There was this particular scene where Bumblebee saves Shia LaBeouf in a fantastic way. The whole theatre was jeering and clapping at that scene. It was awesome.

I think I’d rather join the Decepticons, I mean, they are right, survival is the key to everything. All they wanted to do was to make sure that their race survives that’s all, I’m a misanthrope (well almost) so I was having no sympathy for the human race and I was happy to see that they were going to perish. Moreover, the techs used by the bad guys are always a way better than the good guys.

Optimus Prime is more or less a traitor to his own planet. He is a tough fighter, but when the humans who were fighting the giant bots themselves, he was entangled in a mesh of cables hanging upside down. Whatever, I’m not taking sides and I loved the movie. 9/10. One mark for the lack of Megan Fox ;).

The starting scene of the movie was freakin’ hot πŸ˜€ *shameless smile*. Only one word came to my mind… “Sweet…” πŸ˜€ *ultra shameless smile*. The Victoria’s Secret model Rosie Hutington-Whitely (I hope I wrote the “Hutington” correctly, if she, by mistake, reads this, she will sue me) was umm lets just say I’d prefer Megan Fox over her. No, I don’t have any grudges against VS’s models, I watched two of their year-end fashion shows back at my hostel, its just that Megan’s magnetism is more… that’s all, I cannot be more shameless in public domain like this ;).

Anyways, Rosie was nice, her charisma and her charm did make my mind blank for a while and all, the usual things, but the girl who accompanied me was gorgeous. We were school mates and the only time I have ever talked to her (as far as I recall) was when I was in seventh grade. We became friends on (the damned) Facebook. We decided to watch this sci-fi flick and she was (as girls usually are) late :P. It was my fault though, I told her that the movie was going to start at 0230hrs without checking the ticket πŸ˜€ *one more shameless smile*.

So anyways, she came and she is a bit more pink than her pics on Facebook ;). I gave her a rose to make up to the unexpected bug in my plan. I couldn’t see if she blushed or not, but whatever, it does not matter to me whether she did or did not. I just thought that it would be nice to give a rose to someone you’re meeting for the first time. I hope she likes it *small frown*… a kid’s mind cannot think of a better gift than that.

I had a good time with her after the movie, we had iced-tea (I had the strawberry flavour, well yeah, I’m totally shameless) and talked random stuff. But I did enjoy those 30-40mins I spent talking to her. The odd (but good) thing was I was not thinking about my comp stuff. It is odd because no matter whom I’m talking to, something or the other related to kernel hacking goes on in the back of my mind. Nice :D.

So in all, it was a good day. Awesome movie, a gorgeous girl and at last the solitude of my room… I cannot ask for more :D.

If she reads this, I want you to know that I had an awesome day and I enjoyed myself thoroughly \m/

May the force be with you and YOU too πŸ˜‰



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