My musical journey: Starting from Lacuna Coil to my Black Pearl and heavy metal


One of my friends asked me why is my blog called `comps”music”andstuffs’ if there is not anything musical about it. Right he is, I haven’t posted anything about my music. So this is my first blog post on my evergreen and eternal love: Music.

Music attracted me since I was a kid. My mom heard from her friend about this very renowned music teacher, Guru Thyagarajan. Her friend said that he can come to our home and teach. So mom asked me to join this music class to learn to play some instrument and since I was in fourth grade at that time, didn’t argue much. So the teacher came and he asked me to buy a synthesizer. Told me that it would help me to recognize and memorize how a particular note sounds. So I got my first musical instrument, a Casio SA-65 synthesizer. It was (is) really awesome and since it was my first instrument, I felt like the king of the world. It stayed with me till my sixth grade (it still is there, but I don’t play it any more) I learned a few songs, some scales and other things. It was good enough for me, I was not at all knowledgeable about music as such.

Then the “bad” days of the secondary school started. I left my musical interests behind me for 3 years. But I did not leave my synthesizer. I used to (and still do sometimes) bring it out from the store room and play it. We changed places and slowly and steadily my synthesizer became more of a memory than a friend. I couldn’t find time to play it and left it and forgot about it.

The “bad” days got over when I reached my eleventh grade. We again moved to a new place. By that time, I chucked away Indian “filmy” music and took up western music. Eminem’s The Eminem Show was the first English album I got after I heard one of my basket ball team-mate rapping. I heard it and liked it but it did not click (no, I like Eminem, he is the real rapper because he raps about life and not about sex, drugs and money). Then I got Bryan Adam’s So Far So Good, liked Summer of ’69 a lot. Then I got Backstreet Boys Greatest Hits Chapter One (suggested to me by Trinanjan and Vikram, my two besties at school). They clicked, not so much but yeah, a bit. I used to listen to this album like twice a day. I memorized each and every song of Chapter One and used to sing it along with them. Nick Carter’s voice was so satiable to my music craved ears. I liked them a lot (not love, just like). Then, when I was still new to our just moved-to place, I met this guy whose name was Mihir. He was also a BSB fan and we used to hang out and make long extended fantasies about how we can sing and become great like Nick Carter and then one day Nick Carter would come and greet us and request us to make him a member of our band.

Mihir got a guitar one day and told me that he has started taking guitar classes. He told me that it is an awesome instrument worth learning. I dropped the idea of buying a guitar because I wanted to buy a new pair of Nike shoes. I got my shoes and was happy. I had some money left on me so I went and shopped for some new albums. I fortuitously purchased Lacuna Coil’s Comalies that day.

I came back to my home and was tired. I put the CD on my CD player and listened to it. Cristina Scabbia’s voice was really relaxing. Then after a few songs, I was feeling alive again and started to like Lacuna Coil. Then suddenly everything went silent and the song that was next played was Heaven’s a Lie. In one simple word, I was spellbound (which incidentally is another of my favourite Lacuna Coil album). The song was heavy, it vibrated each and every molecule of my body. I listened to it like five times in a row. I particularly liked how, after the awesomely eerie starting the heavy music suddenly blasts out. The way the heavy guitars blended with Cristina’s voice cannot be expressed in words. After listening to it five or six times again, I went up to my old man and asked if I could trade my shoes for a guitar. He said I can’t but I can get a guitar if I get good marks in the upcoming exams.

I got good marks in the exam and was presented a guitar. It was a really cheap plywood guitar but nonetheless, it was my first shot at musical salvation. I asked Mihir to teach me what all he learned and he did up to a certain extent. Then after a few days I got a guitar teacher, he taught me for a month or two. He taught me basic chords and how to read tabs and all. He vanished one day and I was left alone to walk on this road. The first thing I did was to look up for online resources to learn guitar. Got some sites and I started practising. By that time, I purchased LC’s Karmacode album. Again, I was blown. Simply blown. “Enjoy The Silence” caught my attention. I looked up for the tabs on the net and found it. It was the first ever song that I actually played and still enjoy playing. I learned it bit by bit and when I mastered it, I played it minus the guitar from the actual song. It felt great, almost like I’m playing alongside Cristina. LC was the first band that actually clicked. I loved it. I loved Cristina’s voice, the heavy guitars and the eerie-ness.

I started liking heavy music so I searched about it. Learned that there is this genre called heavy metal and LC was a part of it. So I decided to devote my ears to heavy metal. The second heavy metal I got was Megadeth’s Peace Sells. I was depressed. Didn’t like it one bit. I have listened to it once and only once since the day I got it. Who knew that Megadeth would be the band that would actually push me to buy an electric guitar. I was still in a very nascent stage as a guitarist so I was practising Green Day and all. I saw that my guitar was not that good so I asked for a new one. Again the same condition had to be met. And yet again, I fulfilled it. Got a new guitar (still plywood it was) better than the previous one. Got an album that constituted of various artists (one of them was LC, so saw that and bought it). The first song was Megadeth’s Symphony of Destruction. Blissful was the heaviness and the speed. I learned the starting riff in like ten minutes. But Marty Friedman’s lead was deadly and I was like blown away by a cannon. I “brought” the best of Megadeth. Every song hit me like a cannon ball. All were so heavy and freaking rejuvenating!!! I asked for an electric guitar, but got an acoustic. This time the guitar was teak-wood and was (is) really awesome.

I named this new guitar Stephanie (the story behind it is a top-secret). She was (is) everything to me. The first song that I played on it was Heaven’s a Lie with the backing track. The acoustic version sounded (sounds) really awesome. I played with Stephanie for like 2 years. But I also developed a certain attraction towards heavy metal. I wanted to play like Dave Mustaine and James Hetfield and other Gods of metal and figured out that this acoustic dreadnaught will only hinder my ability. So again the same criteria had to be fulfilled. This time I did it differently, I published a research paper on bypassing computer firewalls and its defence mechanism. Dad was impressed and gave me the ultimate gift… my Black Pearl. My Ibanez GRG 250 P.

I just got her like two months back, so there is nothing much to share about her. I have moved from being a novice guitarist to a good one. Not that good, but yes, I can play :). These days, I’m practising Megadeth’s Symphony of Destruction’s solo. I’m more focussed on increasing my speed as heavy/thrash/speed metal requires speed. I composed three instrumentals and got not-so-bad comments on them :D.

So this was my musical journey so far. I hope you guys enjoyed reading it.

May the force be with you



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