I get right things at the wrong time but not always


I wanted utmost amount of knowledge, I got two backlogs.

I wanted peace and tranquillity and aloneness, I got irritation and boredom and loneliness.

I wanted a comfortable sleep, I got insomnia.

I wanted to enjoy comps and coding, I got a full 2 weeks devoid of any mental work.

I wanted a friend I can depend upon and I fell for a girl who is someone else’s. (though I don’t care about this one much, but still…).

I wanted to live and enjoy, I got stupidest things to deal with. From scoring good marks to make a good impression on every stupid faculty member to fulfil everyone’s stupid expectations.

I wanted to unload on someone, I got 10 cups of coffee daily to drain out everything that is bothering me on a daily basis.

I wanted to talk to someone, I got long solitary walks.

I wanted people to understand me, I was bilked.

I want to love, I get reasons to hate.

I wanted to be the best in what I do, I got low class competitors who beat me by mugging things up a night before the exam.

When I wanted things to go my way and they didn’t, I got patience, an infinite amount of patience… bring it on life, test it as much as you can, you shall be over powered and this will all be a dream. I’ll wake up one day and look behind and laugh hard at you for trying your level best to put me down. I’ll be great and big and you’ll regret that you tested the wrong guy.

Dear life, if really want to put me down and and want me to back-out and give in to your atrocities, you will have to try harder than this. But trust me, the harder you try, the stronger I get and my patience and acumen increase exponentially. In time you’ll give up yourself. Please take rest and stop testing me with your stupidity. You suck and you are mine to control. I wonder why you aren’t giving up already?!


4 thoughts on “I get right things at the wrong time but not always

  1. ashutosh

    if u keep ur head still everything will fall in place as u want it to be not as to what they r destined for……….Hats off for ur introspection………

    i would repeat ur words to u “May the force be with u’.

    • thnx ashu 🙂

      and yes am trying to keep my head straight 😉 😀

      just one question, when will I get to say “hats off” on one of your blog posts?! its been a while since you blogged!!!

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