Computer lab with a gorgeous girl


9AM on a Monday morning and I have to get up for the stupid system and network programming lab.
The big, fat and ultra lethargic faculty in-charge… God!!! just by the looks of him you’ll feel sleepy. No, he ain’t hypnotic or oh-so-enigmatic, its just he is so sluggish that even his own wife has to literally push him from above her after the nightly game :P. The comps have LCD screens, good for watching videos or “videos” (hope someone will figure out what I mean :P). The faculty in-charge goes on rambling about old school stuffs that I learned back in my first year. The cacophony of people shouting answers to stupid questions becomes bilious. Its good that we are allowed to access Internet at all times in the lab, else it’d have been a nightmare!!
Anyways, the good thing about the lab is I get to sit with a really gorgeous girl. She is quite sweet, a bit dumb (well, not in a way that you can take her for a ride) but its fine, I like her :D. Half of the times she is mad about how she is not able to code whatever we are assigned for the lab on that day. Other half, she is irritated about how unfair the teachers are in giving marks and I just keep smiling at her.
The lab goes through splendidly while we are talking (back-biting). The two hours seem like 30 mins. I’m sad that she is committed to someone else :(. But nonetheless, we are quite close friends so we talk about any damn thing that can crop up. This is the best thing about it, we can talk about anything. She tells me stuffs of all kinds (well, I’m a good listener so no problem there). I mean, today I complemented her looks with her new spectacles and we started talking about her school time and how she came to know that she does actually looks good with a pair of spectacles.
I just love to look at her smile when I compliment her. Makes my day :).
Ok, so the lab assistant is going to crop up any second. The worst thing about this guy is that he sees all the websites apart from Google as pornography. Not his fault, his wife betrayed him for a porn star, I understand and feel for him. So I’m going to end this quick little post.
If she is reading this, just wanted you to know that you are a really close friend to me :).

May the force be with you and “you” too 😉



3 thoughts on “Computer lab with a gorgeous girl

  1. nidhi

    m really really touched…:):)
    it feels so special to knw wot my friendship mean to yu…indeed wot i mean to yu….:)
    be ma friend forever nd ever nd ever…

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