Yea well, my everyday quote to all my friends who think am ultra lazy: “Am not lazy at all!!! am the most active creature on earth!!! just right now, am working on energy saving mode :O”
And its not called laziness, its called working smart. Why get up from your place when you can abruptly stop a passer by to give you the pen that fell like 3 metres away from you? Just have patience, thats all.
My friends censure me for being this lazy. I mean once, I called up my friend, I was like “HEY!!! COME OVER QUICKLY TO MY ROOM!!! I HAVE SOMETHING REALLY IMPORTANT TO DISCUSS!!!”. The guy came up running with one slipper on his right foot and enquired about the urgency. I was like “Yea, thank God you came!!! Buddy, please pass my glass from my desk, my hands are barely reaching…” and my friend gave me a full lecture on how my laziness is going to affect my married future. I mean, its so odd right? Friends are supposed to help and I was asking for help, what’s the big deal?

You’d come up with an obvious question, “Why do you write so much, codes and blog posts? It requires work and you are working on energy saving mode!!” Well the answer is simple, am too lazy to care about your question right now. Have a great day/night/whatever you feel like 😀
I’ve to travel down to the water cooler to fill up my bottle which is 22-steps stairs below my room, haaaa well, time to call someone from my neighbourhood but then I want to relieve myself of the building pressure too.


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