I love being alone, not lonely


The synonymous aspect of being alone and lonely is a fallacy. There are subtle differences if you look at it with a philosophical bend. Being alone is bliss, being lonely is bad. This one line is the topic for the rest of this post.

So why is it that I prefer being alone but still don’t say that I’m lonely? When we are alone, we are meditating, radiating bliss and happiness and we are perusing. When we are alone, we are more agile and more aware. Alone is when you are one with your yourself and know thyself. Being alone is when you get new ideas, no matter how wild. Being alone is when you get a way to make those wild ideas a reality.

Take out your dusty history books and read them. When you analyze what you’re reading, you will know that great people did great things alone. No one was there to help them and they depended on no one but on themselves. By this I don’t imply that they made everything, I mean the idea that was conceived was when they were alone. Lets take Albert Einstein as an example, he is one of the greatest minds in history. The Theory of Relativity that he conceived was when he was a clerk in the patenting office. He used to sit alone, stamping research papers with patents all day. This alone-ness provoked his mind to think, to meditate on certain mundane thoughts that magically took the form of one of the greatest theories in the history of mankind. He got a way to make his thought, his idea, change the entire world of physics when he was alone.

I said being alone is blissful. Many would censure me for this, but look at this way, how many times have you actually sat under a tree (alone) and appreciate the things that surround you? It is blissful because you take in the details in a meticulous way. It is no chance or an axiom that whenever we do something important, we prefer to sit in a closed room. The human mind is designed that way, it does not like mundane things. When you’re alone, your mind, just keep itself active, generates ideas and who knows what idea can change the entire world. Mind does not like being stagnant, so when you’re alone, you procrastinate about things that made you feel good in the past, so you radiate bliss, you smile unknowingly. If you’re in a relationship and you’re away from your beloved, you’ll appreciate his/her absence and know how much they mean to you.

On the other hand, when you’re lonely, you are devoid of love, bliss and you are separated from yourself. And when you are separated from yourself, nascent ideas are not generated and you feel sad. You maybe ultra rich, ubiquitously famous but if you are not one with you inner self that is the time when you feel lonely. Negative thoughts crop up, you procrastinate about things that made you sad in the past and in turn get sadder. Again, if you are in a relationship and you are not at peace with you own self, you’ll always think about the things your partner sucks at.

It is, yet again, designed that way. The mind and your thoughts reflects your compatibility with your soul. If you’re not compatible with your soul (that is, separated from yourself) you feel lonely and all the negative vibes are generated.

The great Gurus and saints have said these words too often, but we due to our “urbane” and “refined” way of thinking, vilify them. Close your eyes and meditate, sit in the corner of a closed room and clear your mind. You will yourself feel the difference. Just keep in mind that meditation is not concentration. Meditation is relaxing the mind and you do that when you are alone and peaceful. Concentration is applying your mind to complete a task, you do not clear your mind at that time.
Anyways, right now I’m feeling lonely (lol, yeah :D) but that is just a phase, too much on my mind (from completing my OS to securing (hopefully) good marks in forthcoming exams) so I’ll be fine in no time.

May the force be with you



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