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Human mind is a sponge, it is always observing and absorbing things. Situations, talks, experience… you name it. It always wants more. As said by H.H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ” A “No!” mind is agitated, doubting and miserable. A “Yes!” mind is quite, holistic and joyful. “Yes!” is an acknowledgement of knowledge.”. Our thinking and thoughts shape the world around us, we are the residual outcome of our past thinking and actions.

The problem with we humans is, we meticulously detail what we don’t want. We create our own dogmas and regulations. We are the ones who limit ourselves, thinking that what we are and what we have right now is the best (or worst) we can have. Its just a perception, a veil of Maya that blinds us from peeping beyond the mundane. This is not who we are, we are destined to do great things, its all about “is the glass half full or half empty?”.

Sometimes (when I’m in a pensive mood), I love to observe human nature. College is the best place (and the worst too) to do that. Observing people for past three years, the conclusion about the humans (in college) that I made was really simple. Money, a stupid 9-5 job, a good girl (or a boy, whatever the case maybe), the evening tea and thats all they want. Most of them find this kind of ultra austere life comfortable and successful. They don’t want to go outside this. I tried talking about it to some people, asked them “Why the hell do you want such kind of life?!” the answer was even more austere “Money and comfort.”. I was like “wtf!!! :/”. Its not like I’m saying they are underdogs, neither I’m being bombastic about myself, but really, is this what we are working hard for? This thought has never crossed my mind, I’ve never cared about earning (well I did care about it when I entered engineering) a high income. The only thing that i care and crave is knowledge and (obviously) recognition (not fame, thats stupid, recognition is beyond that). Napoleon’s quote “Give me enough medals and I will win you any war.” clearly defines recognition.

What I wanted to say is, we have bound ourselves. We limit ourselves to creature comforts and in turn, our very nature of wanting to be free. We forget ourselves in the blind pursuit of making our lives comfortable. In due course of time, instead of making it comfortable, we end up being miserable and unhappy. Again, don’t take me wrong, I’m not saying that I don’t want creature comforts, I’m equally in love with my laptop, my iPod, my guitar and other techs that I posses, what I’m trying to convey is simple… Mind wants “more”, the problems start when mind wants “more and more”.

Yes, I want to be rich… Yes, I want an ultra comfortable life… Yes, I too like my evening tea, but for me this is not success. Success is when I achieve excellence in what I love to do, success is when I get recognition for my own work… success is, when at night I lay down on my bed, I can say “Yes, I’ve had a good run today.”… Inner satisfaction in short. I always want to be a learner, a researcher, discover new things, apply things that I learn. It doesn’t matter if I earn less than others, whats the big deal anyway?! They will grow up to a certain limit, but knowledge is limitless, always increasing and so will be mine and so will I.

All is in the mind, what you perceive is what you become. Perceive bigger and better things. As said in my favorite movie of all times, 3 Idiots, “don’t study to become successful, study to become able, success will come knocking.” Its not just a movie dialog, its something really true. Perceiving things like creature comforts etc. limit us and our minds ability to absorb and when mind stops absorbing, it shrivels up and then starts all the problems.

Anyways, I’m not a spiritual preacher (thats surely a looser thing to be), I’ll conclude with a quote of my own:

“Front benchers are toppers, until back benchers join the race.” lol 😀 haha. This is not random, I’ll assume you guys will relate it to this blog somehow 😉

May the force be with you



2 thoughts on “just some stuffs…

  1. harshita

    “we” have bound ourselves? NO! I don’t agree to it! It’s not just we alone who create such margins!! It’s a sum total of a lot of factors.. what I want to say is.. Life can’t be the way we want it to be always. We have to choose among a lot of things.. The catch here is to be happy with your choices.. And talking of success, it’s a very relative concept.. you can’t argue with that! “getting a placement with a good package” (when 150 people are eyeing for it.. ) YES, it is a success!! 🙂 You talk about being a researcher, a discoverer.. well, not all have that luxury.. they have a family to look after!! 😛

    p.s. I loved what you wrote in the end!! Hi5!! (yea I knw I wasn’t a back bencher in school, but colg eventually made me one 😉 )

    • Yes, we alone do not create such margins, but we are bound to these margins. They are just a way to tame the soul that longs freedom. Its a matter of perception… 😉 life can be what you want it to be, trust me, I’m not being adamant on my point but I’m speaking from a deeper (quantum physics) point of view. “You’re what you think you are” is not just a quote, its a reality 😉

      and who said being a researcher or a discoverer wont give you enough so that you cant support a family?! R&D department has salary and growth that many cant comprehend. I mean look at this way, the elitest few are chosen to do research and develop something big. Do you think they’ll be given a salary so low that they cant even support a family?! are you kidding me?!
      Think about the immensely rich guys, Bill Gates for example, if he’d have done the same thing we’re doing right now, there would’ve been no Microsoft nothing… and its not by chance that he got so rich, there is nothing called chance (read about the Chaos Theory), he innovated something that no one else ever did. Its not luck, its brains that matters… I’m not saying a job placement is not important, I was just saying, why worry about it right now?! we bound ourselves by not living in the present and always being scared about the future and then we become the part of the rat race and end being unhappy and unsatisfied.

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