Howdy folks!!


I’m a blog virgin and I hope my first time is memorable.

Once upon a time, when I entered high school, I decided that I’d go for an engineering degree. Little did I know that I’d be at this rustic (but awesomely scenic) college called Jaypee University of Engineering and Technology. So after spending three years over here, I have become a better man (the rest of this post explains “better man”).

It all started when my dad told me about the high income of network engineers when I was still in my secondary school. I was awed and to be pithy, I was lured into engineering by the talk of package of 35 lacs per annum. So when I entered my high school, I took up engineering with computer science as the optional subject. To be frank, I’ve always been a last bencher, therefore it was difficult for me to grab why the hell Newton had to think so much when all he saw was an apple falling down?! Class eleventh was horrible, I flunked my math paper and was asked to repeat the year and so I did (a new revelation here, I never took a drop after 12th, no shame or remorse). I joined Career Launcher’s engineering prep course and prepared for IIT-JEE and all that shit. Then my old man told me about the never ending evergreen future of mechanical and civil engineering. This idea got a hold on me and I forgot my attraction towards comps (I was already experimenting on hacking and stuffs).

And then like everyone, I also gave entrance exams. I got a call from Jaypee University (Institute it was back then) of Engineering and Technology, that was the third most happiest moment of my life (inhaling the fresh oxygen and crying my heart out after the doc pulled me out in Safdarjung hospital was my first and second was the day when I got my guitar).

Me and dad came over to Guna, first impression was (as always) good. It was raining and the bedraggled bucolic scene was breathtaking. I was praying my ass off as I was afraid that I wont get mechanical. Me and dad roamed about the city taking in the details and the pollution free air and we kinda started liking this place. Dad was brainwashing me with the prospects of electronics and communication engineers and I was pulled in (still, 35 lacs per annum was seeded somewhere deep in my mind) and I decided to switch from mechanical to electronics and since my grandpa is the only other engineer in family (and that too from ece), he was really elated to hear my choice of stream. But last minute switch in my thinking (those 35lacs per annum) forced me to take Computer Science.

The first thing I noticed was the quality of the girls. Hollywood movies aggrandize the good things that happen between female and male humans at college and I was really attracted by it. My feelings were evanescent when I saw the quality of girls was not that good. But anyways, I was happy that it was above my set threshold. I was waiting for a fortuitous moment that some girl would, someday, ask me out (yes, I was desperate at that time, whats the big deal? everyone is at some point in their lives). It was my friend Ashutosh who helped me increase my acumen to analyze girls. It was not long before that I realized that my desperation was more of a foolishness. The girls here are a cacophonous disaster. Some are “too big”, some are “too small” and those who are “perfect” are already committed. All in all there is no proportion, and trust me the girls here are more desperate. They do everything they can to attract. If Victoria’s Secret launches a new lingerie line that would make them look “bigger”, trust me they wont waste a second to get that. Thank God there is no botox center here. Else this place would have been a sea of stupid pouts.

The best thing about these three years is, I’ve gathered a lot of patience and my acumen has increased. I’ve survived excruciatingly stupid room mates and trust me, I’ve gained a lot. Like the one I have right now. He is black (I confused him with a negro at first) and is a total trademarked villager. He thinks he has the solution to every problem this world is facing, political or otherwise. The solution that he usually comes up with, when I ask him something, is normally “shake and sleep brother, fuck the world”. The good thing about him is he prays and chants a lot. Prays Lord Hanuman and if you want to practice neologism for (abusive) Hindi words, you gotta chant with him. Again, this is not germane. What I wanted to say was, I’ve gained a lot of patience.

I’ve also “gained” a lot academically. The teachers are so *ahem* awesome *cough* that they explain everything so “effortlessly”. And they continue to teach the same thing over and over again making sure that the one sperm that will fertilize the egg will know everything.  I’ve learned how to finish things up in one night, the night before the exam. I’ve learned how to complete my assignments an hour before the actual time of submission. All in all, I’ve learned all the lesser academical things and not the things that are required to be an engineer.

So, three years down the drain, I certainly have become a better man. I got experiences that I’d have not got anywhere else. Since this was my first post and the word count has already reached 980 words, I’ll wrap up. I’ll keep posting all my convoluted thoughts, my comp related issues and daily happenings at college.

May the force be with you




6 thoughts on “Howdy folks!!

  1. Antriksh

    Yes.. u are a blog virgin..! 😛 but i hope u keep this up buddy.. u might even surpass me 😀
    (dont u start daydreaming now!)

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